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How TSGINFO Helps You Build Your Online Watkins Business

What is TSGInfo?

The TSGInfo online business system gives Summit Group associates their own personalized, highly-automated, FREE website for promoting their Watkins businesses. The sites are designed primarily to help you inform other people about the opportunity to join Watkins as a member of your team.

The name TSGInfo stands for:

Informational Website

The TSGINFO system allows the entrepreneur seeking an online business opportunity to have the best of both worlds - the capability of building an online business, as well as all the training and support necessary to build a business in the more traditional (offline) manner. For those seeking to work from home and make extra money (or, a full-time income), this versatility is very important and opens a lot of options not otherwise available to many.

As you probably know, the best way to maximize your income with Watkins is to tell a lot of people about the business opportunity and the products, and then follow up as appropriate to help them become associates or customers. This system helps you do that in a way that can SAVE YOUR TIME and BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FAST!

People like getting information over the Internet because it's convenient and non-threatening. Our system lets them do that in a way that's very low-key and sounds "friendly." The TSGInfo system is an ideal way to let your personal friends and acquaintances learn about our business---you won't feel like you're "pressuring" them or "imposing" on them. And, because it can handle an unlimited number of visitors, it works great with other advertising and promotional methods, too.

Our system helps you identify qualified candidates who would make good associates. Many people are searching the Internet each day, looking for a good online business opportunity, or a home business that will allow them to work from home. When you join Watkins as a Summit Group associate, you have full training and support available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, your upline is always available by phone when you are ready to discuss business-building strategies and just about anything else.

One huge benefit of this system is this: When a new associate joins your downline because of this system, he or she can immediately begin using this same system to build his or her group! This allows you to benefit from the power of fast duplication, which can create ongoing, residual income for you.

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